Enjoy beautiful Setesdal using one of our electric sharing bikes that you can hire through our app.

Enjoy beautiful Setesdal using one of our electric sharing bikes that you can hire through our app.
About SETESDAL E-bike

The eBike hire scheme in Setesdal has been created through a collaboration between the municipalities of Evje and Hornnes, Bygland and Valle, and Setesdal Intermunicipal Political Council are responsible for the overall project.

It is a political ambition to get more people to cycle rather than drive a car, create health benefits and provide a new transport offer for visitors and permanent residents.
Norwegian ShareBike has delivered the system and maintenance is supported locally.

This is how Setesdal E-bike works
Download the ShareBike app.
Fill in the user information.
Select Setesdal E-bike and choose the price model that suits you. Remember to enter a bank card. If you want to borrow multiple bicycles, all users must register.
Unlock the bike you want.
Read the QR code on the bike or enter the 10 digit number, if the camera does not register the code. The app helps you locate a bike.
Enjoy the ride, take the bike wherever you want. No need to get range anxiety; the battery lasts for a good while. You can lock the bike along the way, but the rental will not end until you are back at a station.
Return the bike to one of the stations, you find in the app. GPS must be turned on on your phone. Slide the latch on the lock to make sure it is locked and end the lease in the app.
Problems registering?
If you have problems registering in the app, it might be that your payment card does not allow you to perform an authentication. In that case, you must contact your bank to open up for microtransactions for the app to work.

The Bike

If you have not tried an electric bike before, you will love these. A powerful motor and multiple gears allow you to travel everywhere, and without range anxiety.

A luggage carrier allows you to bring a little extra, but remember saddlebags or backpacks, since the luggage carrier has nothing to fasten your luggage with. The luggage carrier is also a solar panel and provides charging power for the technology on the bike.

Before cycling, switch on the motor with the switch on the handlebars, which can also switch on the headlights and taillights. This is also where you can adjust the motor power, and the display also shoes how much power is left on the battery - and your speed.

All the bikes have a local personality and are named so that you can more easily remember who gave you a great ride.
The Stations
The stations, which you will find on the map below, are virtual. This means that the system uses GPS to know if the bike is parked there and to define where the return of the bikes takes place.

The bicycles can only be picked up and returned at the stations, but if you want to park one temporarily, you can do it wherever you want.

Each station also has a sign showing where the station is located, and a bike rack for easy parking.

When you return a bike to the stations, please help us through parking in a safe and thoughtful way so that the bike does not tip over or is out of place.
The App
Click on the link at the top of the page to find the app, or go to the app store and download ShareBike's app to access the system.

The first time you have to register, authorize your identity and accept the user contract. Next press add a city and select Setesdal, the process takes about 2 minutes.

After this, you can scan in the bike you want to rent, further then enter payment information and confirm the price for the rental service, now you are ready to use the system!

Note that the app allows you to see where the bikes are parked and navigate to them if you are not familiar with the area. You will also find all the information you may need when using the system, and an opportunity to send an error report to customer service.

Click "Find bike" if you want the app to send you to Google maps to navigate to the nearest bike, or the map symbol at the bottom to see all bikes in a map.

Remember that you must give the app permission to use the camera and always have GPS and mobile data turned on during the trip.
On the map you will find the stations, and it is only here that you can pick up a bicycle - and it is also only here that you can return a bicycle.

You are welcome to ride a bike from one station to another.
And on the road you cycle exactly where you want, but remember to keep an eye on the battery level indicator !
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