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Problems registering?
If you have problems registering in the app, it might be that your payment card does not allow you to perform an authentication. In that case, you must contact your bank to open up for microtransactions for the app to work.
How do I rent a bike?
Open the app and check that GPS is turned on. Find a free bike and check that it has enough battery charge. Then scan the QR code and the lock will open after a few seconds. The app will now show your rental status and your trip will be registered under "my trips".
How do I turn on the bike?
The bikes are unlocked via the app, but do not start automatically and the electric assist must also be switched on manually. Before renting, we recommend that you check that the bike is ok and works by turning it on; press the button placed on the battery, then press the on-button in the left corner of the panel on the handlebar.

When the bike is switched on, the display in the middle of the handlebar lights up and you can read the battery status. If the bike has enough battery and can be switched on, you can now rent it via the app.
How do I end the rent?
When you have finished renting, you must return the bike to one of the stations that you find in the app. Make sure you and the bike are within the virtual station area. The GPS on the phone must always be switched on.

Then lock the bike again and wait for a few seconds. Then you must end the rent in the app by following the pop-up window that appears. If you do not end the rent in the app, the rent will continue to run.
How do I lock the bike temporarily?
Push the bolt down on the physical lock on the rear wheel so that the bike is locked. Once you have made sure that the bike is actually locked, you can leave the bike. The rent is still running and no one else can open the lock. To reopen the lock, take a picture of the QR code on the bike as before or use the menu at the bottom of the screen to open the lock.
How do I know if a bike I am going to rent has enough battery?
All bikes have an on and off button at the left sleeve on the handlebars. Turn on the bike before renting it and read the battery level on the display. If the bike has a full battery, it will cover about 50 kilometers or more before the battery is empty. If the battery runs out, you can still ride it, but the motor will no longer help.
How fast does the electric bike go - can I regulate the engine?
The bike goes as fast as you pedal it just like a regular bike. However, an electric bike assists until you reach 25 kilometers per hour and you will find that it is easier to pedal , especially uphill compared to a regular bike. You can cycle faster than 25 km / h, but then you do not get any help from the motor.

The motor has several power levels, and by using the control buttons on the left socket you can increase and decrease the power from the motor.The more you use the motor, the more of the battery you also use.
I can not rent a bike - what's wrong?
If you have not used the app - or use the app, but have not completed the registration with SMS verification and registration of a valid bank card - the service will not work. Note that you must also have cover on account for the deposit of NOK 200 which is deducted before the rent starts.

You must also have GPS on your phone and be in touch with the internet through mobile broadband, and not block the use of this in your app settings on your phone.
I have returned my bike, but the renter is still running?
When you return the bike and want to end the rental, you must do so within one of the station areas marked in the app's map. When the lock is closed, the rent must also end in the app. Remember that the GPS on the phone must be switched on during the entire rental period.

Feel free to check if the status changes when you think you have ended the rent; this you will see on the dashboard of the app. The app will tell you through alerts if a return is not successful, and then you must try to repeat the process.
I have punctured and can not continue cycling - what do I do?
If you find that the bicycle cannot be returned to a station because it is damaged or punctured, you must lock it with the rear wheel lock and notify us by calling customer service or sending an e-mail. It is important that we are notified of this as soon as it happens and although we can see the bike's position, it is good if you state where you put it (eg if you hide it to make sure it is not stolen).

We will then pick up the bike as soon as possible and return it to a station. Note that you are responsible for the bike until it is found. The rent that accrues will be compensated manually afterwards.
The bike was damaged when I used it - what do I do now?
If the bike is damaged, this will be registered by the system and it is important ithat you inform customer service about the situation. If there is an accident we will understand, and the most important thing for us is to know what has happened so that we can repair the bike before the next rental so there are no further accidents.
I would like to rent more bikes - can I do it in the same app?
Unfortunately, the app does not allow multiple loans at the same time and all users must have their own app to borrow bikes. We are working on a solution for this which we hope will be ready in the summer of 2022.
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